Why is Sustainable Fashion Important? Dhana Inc. has the answer.

Why is sustainable fashion important? Why not fast fashion? How do our buying decisions effect the planet? Recently, I spoke with Shamini Dhana, the Founder and CEO, to learn more about Dhana Inc.’s unique approach to sustainability. Through combining creativity and a Zero Waste model, Dhana Inc. is changing how we look at fashion. The... Continue Reading →

Institute for Evolutionary Leadership Fellows 2019

In October 2019, participants of the Evolutionary Leadership Fellows Program and other members of the Evolutionary Leadership Community gathered in Arcadia, Greece for the annual community retreat to share knowledge, support, and collaborations. Christiana Gardikioti, Evolutionary Leadership Fellow 2019 and founder of the Meraki People, hosted the group in her region from Oct. 20-27, 2019. ... Continue Reading →

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